My humble turntable set up

Up at last. It’s a great start. The speakers is perfect for my small room, and the space fits both the turntable and the speakers.

I don’t care what purists say about putting the speakers and turntable on the same platform and affecting overall sound quality or causing audio skips due to the thumping music coming out from the speakers just beside it. It’s just a humble multi room speaker, nothing powerful that will wake the neighbours, but powerful enough to enjoy my music in the comfort of my tiny room. That is enough for me and is not enough to cause any detrimental effects on sound quality. Not at all. I have tried it. The whole issue is over blown.

My LPs that I bought online are starting to trickle in. I should have ABBA, Linkin Park, and Pearl Jam within the next few days. Already I received the long overdue Metallica Black Album and Amy Winehouse through the mail at my workplace. I am extremely excited to listen to them next week when I officially move into the new house where the turntable and speaker are currently residing.

Still disappointed that my Fleetwood Mac is still stuck in the UK. I am already impatient to the point that I ordered the same LP from Amazon, hoping that will arrive sooner than the one I ordered elsewhere. I still don’t know why it remains stuck in London, just waiting to be shipped out for the past three weeks. I know that shipping and logistics is in disarray right now due to the pandemic, but having no updates on the status of my LPs stuck in some warehouse for almost a month is getting ridiculous. I have personally declared that item as ‘lost in transit’, even though I know deep in my heart, that the LP will eventually reach me.

Even If have got my hands on two copies of Fleetwood Mac (due to my impatience), I will most likely sell one of them on Carousell.

I will write a short first impressions on what I think about the Sony turntable soon.

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