Welcome to my new journal!!

Welcome to my new journal!!

After doing a 30 minutes crash course on how to use the various templates for the blog, ive finally made it!! This is my first post of my brand new blog and it will be very unpredictable to me. I dunno what is going to be filled in my blog in time to come but safe to say that this blog will only serve one purpose and that is to capture my precious moments when im still a teenager. Personally this part of my life is very dear to me and it is something that I do not want to forget. I have another journal but it was officialy closed because that part of my life has already been over. Im now walking on another path of my life and it is important that I keep a seperate journal.

Now on to me.

My full name is Muhammad Jasrie Firdaus and I am from Singapore. Im currently schooling and ill be in a new school, a tertiary education which i feel is the most happening period of my life. Ill be meeting up with a lot of challenges along the way and this journal will be beside me all along, recording my highs and lows, my joys and my fears.

Ill be studying in Nanyang Polytechnic and i hope that everything goes smoothly. Itll be tough in there but im confident that with my peers that ive got to know during the first days being in the campus, ill be able to make it “alive”.

Im currently persuing a Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology, one of the most difficult courses to get into and without doubt the most exciting and challenging of all. As i said before i cannot walk this path alone. My journal or blog so to say, and my friends will have to help me step by step into the unknowns and out to the other end of the dark tunnel.

I guess i shall end my introduction now. If you want to know more about me i guess you have to come back often and i will reveal more and more about me as i go along.

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