The Dunhill Belgrave backpack: First day use impressions

Today was the first day that I had the opportunity of trying out my latest luxury work bag, the Dunhill Belgrave leather backpack. I collected my back at the Dunhill store in the Paragon shopping mall. I received a call from one of the salesperson in the late afternoon, informing me that the bag (which was put on order due to unavailability) has arrived and was ready for collection. Excited, I immediately headed down after work to collect my back.

I didn’t mention this before but when I arrived home and placed the new backpack and my coach briefcase side-by-side, I only recently realised that the backpack was much larger than the briefcase. I did not expect that. I was expecting the back to be about the same size, or slightly smaller than the briefcase. Anyways, it was a nice bonus to know that I have more space in my backpack than I do with my briefcase.

Today I brought out the backpack to use it for work. One day in, and I am already in love with this backpack. I made a great choice in choosing this backpack. After using it for a day, I greatly admire the quality of the leather chosen to make this bag. It is soft, supple, blemish free, with a nice printed pebble grain on the surfaces of the leather, making it ultra-luxurious. The stitching is impeccable, the hardware, exquisite. I lock and gusset with the Dunhill brand imprint is heavy made of a solid piece of metal. Clicking the lock in place just feels satisfying. This thing screams quality. While the bag is expensive, there is no compromise in quality or the materials used to make this bag. At time, I just can’t stop admiring the bag during work and at home, I sometimes have the urge to just touch the leather and smell it. I am that obsessive when it comes to owning a new backpack, especially a luxury backpack from a brand such as Dunhill.

So what will I do with my Coach briefcase? I will still use it for sure. I will alternate the use of my work bag between the backpack and the briefcase. I still love the Coach briefcase. The leather is still looking great after using it for almost a year. It has not lost its luster after using the bag almost daily for work. With the backpack, I now have more options to either carry my stuff on my back or in my hands. The Coach briefcase will always hold sentimental value to me, as it was bought in New York while on a holiday there last year. In addition, the Coach briefcase was my first luxury all-leather bag that I ever own. After using the briefcase for the past year, I am now convinced that with a little research and investments in a good, quality leather bag can really pay off in spades in terms of longevity, durability, and reliability. All it needs in return from me is the occasional clean and care for the leather in the form of a leather cleaner and moisturizer applied to the bag at least twice a year. That is a fair payment in return for having a good piece of luxury item to take it with me wherever I go.

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