Smartphone pictures deserve some Lightroom treatment too

I was browsing through my trove of photos I have accumulated in my iPhone and I realised that there were pictures from two recent vacations that I didn’t really find the time to review them and select the best for further editing. I did edit some of them for Instagram and Facebook, but a vast majority simply didn’t see the light of day and remained buried in the photos app in my iPhone.

They were photos taken from my solo trips to Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada. Granted most of the photos were taken using my iPhone, namely the iPhone X while I was in Sydney and the iPhone 7 Plus while I was in Vancouver. That was quite a while back.

I created an album on Lightroom and uploaded the pictures inside and I realised that there some really good ones among the sea of pictures I took while I was there. And they deserve to be showcased online. I have selected the best and hopefully soon with the help of Lightroom, I can spruce them up to look great on a bigger screen and write my travel experiences in both countries together with pictures.

And the motherlode of all, pictures that I took while I was in Tunisia back in 2012! Back then I didn’t have Lightroom, so I basically took photos that I shot from my Canon 550D (my first ever DSLR) which were saved in jpeg and simply dumped almost everything on Facebook without edits. Now looking back those photos again, there were some really good ones (and lots and lots of really bad ones, since I was still learning the ropes about photography) which deserves the Lightroom treatment. I blogged about my experiences in Tunisia back in 2012, if anyone cared to look at my archive, but never really had any photos to pair my experiences with.

That is about to change. I am reviewing every single photo that I took during my time in Tunisia and I am going to pick the best of the best and try to bring these pictures back to life. This is going to be a project worth doing.

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