Classic Negative Film Simulation (Changi Jewel)

I meant to post this weeks ago, but it was only recently that I managed to find time and get around to doing it.

I went to Changi Jewel for a mini photoshoot with a couple of my friends. They have not been to Changi Jewel and they wanted to take some photos of the place. Armed with my new Fujifilm X-Pro 3, I took some photos of this beautiful place, sticking to Classic Negative Film Simulation. Just like with previous photo session with my family and relatives during the Christmas gathering, I stuck with one film simulation and just shoot.

Classic Negative is really beautiful. I can understand why this particular film simulation is great for street photography. It has a certain look to your shots that captures the essence of the scene, without saturating any colours that might potentially pop out in the picture. Although I find that this particular film simulation is weak against greenery and natural foliage (other film simulations can capture green really vividly), Classic Negative is still able to provide a unique look to my photos. Although I have been to Jewel before to take some photos, previously with my Olympus camera, but coming here again and sticking to just Classic Negative provides a totally different look to the shots I took. Here are some samples below.

Changi Jewel, captured at the moment the sky train zips past.
People standing on the glass bridge, offering a magnificent view of the entire Changi Jewel grounds.
Order and balance.
Sun rays providing natural light into the dome.
My friend seeing Jewel for the first time. He is using the Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark II camera, exactly the same camera that I had before I made the switch to Fujifilm.
The lighting was absolutely magical on that day. Coupled with Classic Negative Film Simulation, it makes the shot even more magical.

Changi Jewel at night

When I first laid my eyes on the world’s tallest man-made waterfall at the new extension of the multiple award winning airport, Changi Airport, I was blown away. The greenery all around the majestic waterfall was truly a sight to behold. This nature theme retail space that connects to the major terminals of Changi Airport (Terminals 1, 2 and 3) has quickly become an international icon and a must-see attraction for travelers all around the world.

Changi Jewel at night.

Spanning 10 floors, 5 above and 5 below, it not only contains shops and dining options, but also a whole host of other attractions that allows you to soak in the nature and greenery throughout the dome contained within. Surely this new extension will cement Changi Airport as the world’s best airport for many years to come.

I initially visited the complex when it was just opened and it was packed with people. This time I visited the complex again at night where it is much quieter. I brought my camera along with me to take some night shots of the place and it turned out really magical and ‘Avatar-like’.

Changi Jewel in monochrome
The nature trails all along the edge of the rain vortex waterfall has this ‘Avatar’ feel to it when walking the trails at night.
Changi Jewel during the day.

To view more images of Changi Jewel you can visit the link Here

PC Show come and gone

Yesterday I went to the PC show. It was crowded, but not overly so. Surprisingly, it was walkable and I rarely had to squeeze among the throng of crowds. Held in Expo halls 5 and 6, I was impressed by the M1 booth. It was huge. I cannot remember the last time the M1 was that large.

M1, Singtel, My Republic. Aggressive in their broadband marketing. Cutthroat prices. It was really interesting in grilling the sales people on the bundled broadband packages, any hidden costs, if there are any and the freebies thrown in when you sign up with them. A friend of mine got the M1 1Gbps fibre broadband package at just SGD39.90 a month (on a 24-month contract). She topped up another SGD120 for  a better Asus router. In return, the activation and home line port to M1 was free and part of the package. All being equal, the monthly subscription rates were the lowest among the other telcos. I signed up for MyRepublic, which doesn’t really make much of a difference. I have yet to see how MyRepublic fibre broadband connections perform in real world settings. This is my first time signing up with them for my internet broadband needs.

Another friend of mine bought a new computer. The Acer Predator computer. Costing nearly SGD2000, featuring an SSD and HDD, 24Gb Ram (additional 8GB after much haggling, since it was the last day of the show) one year Microsoft office bundled, GTX 970 4GB graphics good. Not too shabby. We went after a distributor that sold the same computer model for more than SGD200 less than was advertised in the brochures. And for SGD200 less, we get additional RAM and a free 1-year Microsoft office. Not bad when it comes to pushing more freebies.

As for me? I didn’t get anything for myself. I really wanted to given the choice. Especially the NAS from Synology and QNAP. Maybe the Samsung T3 Portable SSD. But these are just wants, and not needs. I can still live without. I did get to admire Aftershock Ultracore line of PCs. Equipped with custom liquid cooling with the liquid colour of your choice, throwing  some really high end parts, and the entire set up was quite a sight to behold. They even showcased the new Nvidia GTX 1080 and paired with The Witcher as a demo for smooth 4K gameplay on an Acer Predator curved monitor. Sweet.