New domain, new address

I have been blogging for many years now and it wasn’t always on the WordPress platform. I can no longer remember the platform that I was using when I first started blogging. But I remember LiveJournal and Blogspot to be one of the few blogging platforms that I tried.

A few years ago, I consolidated and migrated all my blog posts from different platforms on to WordPress. I named it It literally means milk tea and black coffee in Malay and Chinese dialect combined into one. For all these time, I have always relied on the default platform, which is the WordPress platform to host my content.

Today I decided to do something different and enhance my personal blog a little bit by buying a .blog domain, renaming the blog and redirecting my blog to the new address. Reflecting the purpose of this blog, aside from being a personal blog, I also like to share my travel experiences, my tech buys as well as showcasing my photography works as a hobby that I have cultivated over the years (although, not in a consistent manner).

So I am renaming this blog to The Cosmopolitan Wanderer @

As someone who lives in a thriving and ultra modern metropolis, Singapore, and one who loves to travel and explore the world, I think the term, Cosmopolitan Wanderer is pretty apt. The .blog domain is also perfect as this is a blog after all, that is pretty obvious.

So this blog is getting a brand new address, a fresh coat of paint, hopefully it will spur me to write more often, and share more of myself to the world.

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