Some protection for my swanky new iPhone

I have always relied on UAG cases to provide the maximum protection for my new iPhone. It’s a little bulky, but at least I have peace of mind when using my iPhone when doing outdoorsy stuff like hiking, trekking or just traveling and when I am simply on the go. The Plasma series is my favorite, providing a suitable level of transparency and protection, allowing my iPhone to show off its midnight green hue, and be protected against scratches, drops and more.

Of course this is not the only case that I bought. I have the Spigen transparent flexi case that I occasionally swap out. This is more for indoor use. Its more flexible and much lighter than the UAG that provides adequate protection for normal day to day use.

I also applied a tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone. I started applying screen protector when I first go my iPhone XS Max. As soon as those phones hit the S$2000 mark, I knew I just had to provide greater protection for my phones. I am usually quite opposed to applying any kind of screen protector as I really to use the phone and interact with the screen without anything in between. And the default glass on the iPhone is surprising scratch resistant. I only ever accumulated micro scratches that are barely noticeable after using the phone for a year or two.

But with the phones getting so expensive in recent years, it seems that the benefits outweighs the risks. It suddenly becomes highly pragmatic to apply some kind of protection to the screen after all.

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