iPhone 11 Pro Max first 24 hour impressions!

Right off the bat, the biggest improvement I have noticed is how amazing the cameras are in this new iPhone. With the new ultra-wide lens, I think users will find creative and beautiful ways to take advantage of this new lens and create amazing shots.

The triple camera system that Apple now adopts for it’s latest iPhone 11 Pro phone models.

Starting with the physical characteristics of the phone, briefly, the phone does feel noticeably heavier, but not necessarily thicker. You will be hard pressed to notice the difference in thickness between the XS Max and the 11 Pro Max right away. The difference in weight is subtle, but more substantial than the difference in thickness.

The size is exactly the same as the previous model. At the back though, is where the similarity ends. Matte finish back with a protruding smooth finish glass housing the three lenses set equidistance from each other. Like my previous observation, it gives the 11 Pro Max a new look, one that might need some time to get used to for some users. Love it, or hate it, they are there with new properties to allow users to take better photos.

And indeed the iPhone 11 Pro Max does take better photos. I was at Changi Jewel today and managed to take some shots of the place, and of the food for lunch, and immediately the improvements were obvious. The ultra wide lens finally gives the place justice, able to take all the beautiful vistas and amazing architecture in a single shot. Just like the one below.

The overall grandeur of the place, the iPhone 11 Pro Max perfectly captures it in all its glory.
Raising the phone just a little bit, capturing more of the donut-shaped ceiling just accentuates the architectural marvel of this place. This image has been edited slightly.

With that being said, shooting with an ultra wide lens isn’t that simple. When you are able to take more in a single image, compositing your shots becomes more important. Personally, you need to be a little bit more mindful in how to compose your shots, in order to look artistic and aesthetically pleasing. There are definitely certain conditions where using the ultra wide lens is just not very suitable. But then again, I am pretty sure that with the introduction of the ultra wide lens, people are going to come up with creative ways to take good shots using the ultra wide lens.

Food shot! Grilled duck!

I don’t usually take pictures of my food, but it’s a great example on how much improved Apple has made to implement the lens and using computational photographic algorithms to make the images sharper, clearer and more textured.

Tinkering with the filters while in editing mode.

I just love the new camera system that Apple has implemented in their latest phones. I have never been excited for a new phone because of its cameras. And this iPhone 11 Pro Max that I have in my hands, could just be beginning where I could ditch my Olympus Micro Four thirds without worrying about missing out on a great shot.

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