I cancelled my Apple Watch series 5 pre-order.

Yes you read that right. With less than a week to go before the official launch of the new series 5 Apple Watches, I decided to cancel my pre-order from the online store.

Somehow I have gone cold turkey to the whole idea of upgrading my Apple Watch. At first, it seemed like a sensible idea to upgrade from the series 3. Always on screen, ECG monitor, bigger screen and a plethora of new features baked into the hardware and software side of things from the upcoming WatchOS 6.

But then over the weekend, I started thinking deeper and harder and realise that the value proposition of plunking down around S$800 (including the AppleCare+) for a new watch is not that great, especially when my primary purpose of the watch for me was to be used as a device to tell the time and as a fitness tracker first and foremost. Everything else is secondary. After thinking it through carefully, I have a feeling that I won’t get the same level of happiness and usefulness out of the new watch compared to when I first started out wearing it, starting with the series 3 that I bought 2 years ago.

Gorgeous color, the more you look at it. If they have the same tint, but in purple, I’ll scream.

So after thinking it through logically and sensibly, I am now going into uncharted waters. I am leaning toward upgrading my phone instead.

Now this is crazy. I told myself again and again that I have no interest in upgrading my XS Max phone. But after looking at the first impressions, the ads, reading through the forums and whatnot, I have succumbed to the idea that maybe upgrading my phone would be a better avenue instead. I know this is an irrational thought. My phone is still perfect. It’s still gorgeous. But for some irrational reason, I am compelled to upgrade to that slick looking midnight green iPhone 11 Pro Max. The more I look, the more beautiful the device actually is. I don’t mind getting the tried and true space grey model. I have always loved that colour. Unassuming, subtle, a familiar presence.

I will be spending another S$2000 just for phone again! But not all is hopeless. The reason why I am compelled to just upgrade my phone I that I managed to find a buyer of my current phone. He is offering S$1200 for the phone with the box and associated accessories. That is a compelling deal. This means that I only had to top up $800 for a new phone. Compared to paying around S$800 for a new watch. I think, I can get better value and usage from a phone than from a watch.

This is crazy. I am going crazy. I am being irrational right now. I compulsively cancelled my Apple Watch series 5 pre-order and now I am camping at the Apple online store to try my luck in securing an Apple store pickup time slot on launch day. I heard that the slots usually updated every day at around midnight. I am hopeful that there will always be people cancelling their orders and giving up their pickup slot. I just need to be quick when the time comes and accept any slot that is available. I am on birthday leave (happy birthday to me!) on Friday, which is perfect as the day happens to be the launch day for the new iPhones and Apple Watches.

There is a subdued interest in the new iPhone models this year and hopefully I can take advantage of that fact and secure myself a phone on launch day. If I cannot get a pre-order pickup slot in the coming days, then I will have to resort to heading to the store at 8am (yes! 8am) and try my luck as a walk-in customer. Like I said, the midnight green model is the priority. If that isn’t available, I am fine with the space grey model. Should be an interesting experience being at Orchard Road at 8am on a Friday!

I think I am obsessed!

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