Should I get the iPad for my dad on Father’s Day?

Recently, my dad is keen in getting himself an iPad. The very basic iPad. I gleamed from our conversations that he wants the iPad to take notes at meetings, and to write down his thoughts and ideas on a note taking app (there are lots of choices in the App Store) He wants a computer device that is portable, more portable, than the current MacBook Air that he has, but with a level of input comparable to a notebook, meaning with a keyboard and possibly a pencil to write on.

The iPad 2018. The cheapest iPad you can buy as a gift.

That would mean he needs to get accessories, like the Logitech Slim Folio keyboard and possibly the Apple Pencils, accessories that are not exactly cheap and will clearly add considerable costs to the basic iPad.

With that in mind, since he is expressing such keen interest in getting one, I am considering very carefully whether I should get the iPad for Father’s Day, which is coming on the 16th of June.

Let’s break down the costs:

The basic iPad with 128GB of space is $648.

I could haven gotten him the 32GB version, but I feel that he can get more value from the iPad by having more storage space in the long run.

The Logitech Slim Folio Keyboard is about $139.

I might as well get him the keyboard if there is any use in him using the iPad for work related stuff. I personally use the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio and it has already added tremendous value and usability for my iPad Pro. So I know for a fact that with the keyboard, the iPad will immediately be a lot more useful and practical.

Apple Pencil is something I will not be getting for him. If he thinks he needs it and it will add value to the use of the iPad that he can get it himself.

So if I were to get the iPad and the keyboard, it will set me back $787. That is certainly not cheap for a basic iPad. But what if I pay by installments? I certainly did that for my iPad Pro. I paid my iPad Pro over six months interest free. It is only recently in May that I managed to pay off the debt owed for the purchase of the iPad Pro. If I choose 12 month repayment plan interest free, then I will have to pay about $65 a month, which is not too shabby all things considered.

I must say, after considering several factors, I am compelled to get the iPad for my dad with the keyboard and pay it off over 12 months.

Let’s wait till after WWDC is over. There might be surprises along the way, especially on the iOS front. If iOS for iPad gets a tremendous boost in the usability of native apps or just general multitasking improvements, and if the iPad supports some of those improvements, that I might just consider getting it. I don’t have to make a decision right now. I still have time. Father’s day is on June the 16. I just have to make sure that I make my purchase a week before so that it arrives on time. And I also need to make sure that the iPad gets delivered to my workplace and not at home so as not to ruin the surprise.

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