Resubscribed to Star Wars The Old Republic

So a little known fact: When I first built my rig a few years ago, (The Dark Rage Build) one of the first games that I played on that mini itx build was Star Wars The Old Republic, a spiritual successor to Knights of The Old Republic RPG series made by BioWare. The game turned into an MMORPG and for a while it was fairly successful. I played for a few months before stopping it complete. Why I stopped playing, I’m not too sure the reason why, perhaps it was because I was playing so much of the game at one point that I eventually got sick of the game. Eventually, I didn’t bother continuing the subscription beyond the allotted time that I paid for.

Now I am back in this game, and I have a different approach when it comes to playing this MMORPG. Armed with a storyline guideline that I found on reddit, I am going to play this game, as if it is a single player RPG game, focussing on just the story and planet missions. I am playing solely for the purpose to uncovering the lore and storyline plot the game has designed for each of the 8 classes that you can create. So essentially, no grinding for loot, no doing side missions, exploratory missions or heroic missions for that matter. I am just going to focus on the storyline and planet missions, denoted in purple so that I can enjoy the story without being distracted by all the other stuff that is happening in the game.

And so far it has worked. I am enjoying the game far more that I previously remembered. I think the main reason for stopping the game and not resubscribing years before was mainly due to the fact that the game can be so daunting at times. The side missions, exploratory missions and heroic missions, not to mentioned flash points just adds extra baggage that distracted me from what I enjoyed most while playing this game. The story. And with 8 classes with their own unique story missions to go through, I actually have a lot of content to go through as far as the story goes.

So for now, I am enjoying somewhat playing the game whenever I have time and I am progressing through the story nicely, with me actually being able to follow the plot and understand what is truly happening, rather than just blindly going from point A to point B without knowing what the mission is all about.

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