My Canadian trip with my friends might be cancelled.

Last year, my friends and I, the same group that went on a road trip around Iceland, were planning to go to Canada for our next great road trip holiday.

However, I think I have to shelf that plan. It has come to my attention that my parents would like to go Iceland for their next big holiday. First, I am greatly tempted to follow them along for the ride and would very much like to show the beautiful country as I have seen it when I last went with my friends. Second, after a very difficult year of 2018 and the health issues my Dad had during that year, I have somehow reflected and reprioritised to spend more time with my family, not just on a daily basis as how we have already been doing, since nothing has changed on that front, but on more special occasions like going on holidays and stuff.

I am already going to New York with them, after a difficult decision to share with them good airline ticket deals that I originally intended to get and travel solo there. In the end I decided to bring them along for the trip and made that our first big trip of the year since news of his condition last year. It was also my first big holiday trip since completing my Masters study, in which I did not have time to travel while I was working and studying at the same time.

I have already planned a Morocco trip with my friends and colleagues. In all honesty, I never expected this idea to take shape in any serious way to the point where everyone was OK with proceeding to the stage where we started planning, and booking our reservations including air tickets to Morocco. The idea has gone so far that it is now basically a done deal. Pretty much everything has been planned and arranged for, six months in advance. There is no going back. Not that I want to go back or had any regrets regarding this trip. My only reservation is that I have never travelled with them before and I absolutely have no idea how this trip will turn out. I mean, sure we are good friends and working colleagues who see each other everyday but the stresses of travel can really show your true self to the rest of them in ways you would never expect. But I am optimistic and super looking forward to my trip.

And now, with my dwindling leave days, I have just enough for another big trip. It was originally reserved for my friends who wants to go to Canada, but now my parents were throwing the idea at me of going to Iceland. With my priorities rearranged, I am quite torn as to say no to who. I can only choose one but not both.

Should I: Go to Canada on a road trip with my friends, or: go to Iceland (A country which I love so much and missed so much) with my parents?

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