Circles Life (First Three Weeks)

At the beginning of the year in 2019, I took the plunge to switch my telco from Singtel to Circles Life. I took up their promotion of a $120 credit paid out over 12 months, in which it will be applied to deduct your overall monthly bills. I took the $28 plan with bonus data during the promotion, giving me 12GB of data over the usual 6GB. It’s a sweet deal. You get twice the amount of data given in their cheapest monthly plan of just $28. On top of that, you bill is reduced by a further $10 a month for a year. So I only technically have to pay just $18 a month on my mobile line.

The cash back credit comes in a form of a promo code in which Circles Life promised to give in the coming weeks via email. And lo and behold, it really did arrive! Faster than I expected to boot! I applied the code into the Circles Life app downloaded in my phone and voila! Now, my bill is $10 cheaper. At $18 a month, it is a far cry from the almost $110 in monthly bill that I had to pay to Singtel every month. In fact, it is so cheap, that I sign up for extra 20GB for $20 so that I don’t have to ration my mobile data over the course of the month (12 GB is still quite insufficient for my monthly to monthly use of data. While it is possible to limit myself to just 12GB if I were to ration my use, it’s just not fun having to keep tabs on it almost daily so that I don’t end up dry in mobile data before the month is up.) and I can free myself up to using as much data as I want. So I have 20GB + 12GB which gives me a whopping 32GB a month for just $38. This is a steal compared to Singtel giving me 19GB and having to pay almost $100 a month for it.

In fact I did a quick calculation that if I were to terminate my contract prematurely, (which cost $202 in penalty fees after checking with Singtel) I will still save a lot of money from my monthly bill in the long run compared to staying with Singtel until my contract expires in September.

Now, I have so much more data for a fraction of the cost, with no discernible differences to service coverage between Singtel and M1. (Circles Life uses M1 mobile infrastructure)

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