A little update (iPhones and Nvidia)

The new Nvidia 20 series graphics cards have been announced and they are crazy expensive. Tempting to upgrade my rig with brand new GPUs but with current pricing, it is currently very hard to swallow without some definitive benchmarks comparing the performance of the upcoming GPUs with the current 10 series GPUs. Guess we will have to wait and see. The odds of me upgrading my GPU in 2018 is low. My current 1080ti still works like a charm and I believe it hasn’t even cross its first year mark. Furthermore I am neither playing video games in 4K nor playing using high refresh rate monitors. I am perfectly happy playing at 60FPS at 1440p, ultra settings, with the current 1080ti will be able to easily deliver for the next year or so, whatever games that are to be released in the coming months.

Apple announced that their annual keynote will take play in September 12. As always, new iPhone models are slated to be released, including new Apple Watch and possbly new iPads as well. Now this is going to be tough for me. I am a sucker for new smartphones, and iPhones have a ‘black magic’ sway over me. Always entranced by these new phones released on an annual basis. Although realistically speaking, there won’t be much difference between my current iPhone X and the new upcoming, bigger sized iPhones, but there is a good chance that I might upgrade this year. The key will be the price that Apple will be selling their new phones. 12 more days till the announcement is made and I am already salivating and contemplating pre-ordering when the pre-order window is open. If the new phones are going to sell at SGD1800, I will be extremely disappointed, but nonetheless, there is a great likelihood that I will be clicking that ‘pre-order’ button when the time comes. I will probably have to sell my current phone at least SGD 700 to SGD 800 to take some of the sting off paying the phone upfront just like that. And then comes the annoying reservist, which would put me in a bad spot because I won’t be able to enjoy the phone until I am done with it.

Possibility of me getting the new iPhone despite slight improvements to its performance or usage experience is very high.



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