Nanoleaf Aurora is just amazing!

8A1aSoA - ImgurAs part of the room revamp project that I started sometime late last year, one of the final touches being made to my room and my desktop area was to fix the Nanoleaf Aurora panels. I bought the starter kit with 9 panels and an expansion of 3 addtional panels, making it a total of 12 panels to play around with it. In the end, I chose a simply clean design, spreading the panels wide across the wall above my desktop.

Ever since then, I have gone absolutely crazy over these panels. I have a number of favourite themes that I switch it up from time to time to keep my room ambience fresh and cosy and perfect for any occasion. But soon after, I begin to realise, would it be even better if I expanded to an addtional 3 more panels?

And expanded I did. The final design is the one above. With 12 panels, it just felt, incomplete. Let me show you what it looked like with 12 panels that I initially had. IMG_3939

It looked simple enough, but it felt a little short, barely stretching the entire desktop area. With 3 more panels, it now looks complete. These things are expensive, but they are totally worth once you switch it on, set it up, and let the lights take over. These things are seriously too pretty.

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