My Apple purchases over the years

I have bought many Apple products over the years. It is not entirely inaccurate to say that I am a loyal fan of all most things Apple. It started with the iPod touch, then the iPhone 3GS onwards right to the recent iPhone X. All my mobile phone had been Apple iPhone starting with the iPhone 3GS. That is just on the mobile front.



On the PC front, it started with the second generation Mac Mini. It got me through college. A hardy little beast back in those days. On the portable laptop front, the MacBook Air was my first ever purchase. It was about sometime during my senior year, as I had the need to write more and more assignments on the go, leading up to my graduation. For a short while (5 months) I bought a Windows laptop, the Lenovo 13 inch laptop. It was a good laptop. Great battery life, a huge factor when making my laptop purchasing decisions.


But soon after, a new generation of Macbook Pro was announced, sporting the latest Intel Kaby Lake chips. I was smitten. I was sorely tempted. I had never owned their premium laptop before. The Lenovo worked perfectly. It suited my needs. I just needed a laptop for my part-time postgraduate studies. I don’t really need a fancy laptop. But within a couple of days, after the product launch announcement, I ordered the 13-inch with no Touchbar version. Within 2 days after clicking the ‘Order’ button, it arrived at my doorstep. I sold my Lenovo laptop on Carousell (at a pretty good price, considering it’s just a 6-month old product and still in pristine condition, including battery life). The selling price was enough to offset the hefty expenses made trying to buy the MacBook Pro. (at the same time trying to self-justify that it was a perfectly rational decision to get the MacBook Pro from a financial point of view when clearly it wasn’t) The MacBook Pro was also my first ever purchase to be made through an interest-free monthly instalment plan, which I am 6 out of 12 payment through as of this writing.

However, it was only the iPhone X (in-store pickup) and the Apple Watch Series 3 that were truly considered to be actual purchases made through an Apple Store. The iPhone X  was an in-store pickup that was originally an order made online. I placed the order, collected the phone and I was off. The Apple Watch, however, was different. I was on the fence about whether to get one or not. I had to try it physically before I made my decision. Thus, it was important that I made the trip down to actually try it out before deciding on my purchase.

The experience was fantastic. It was the first time that I actually had the opportunity to interact with the Apple Geniuses in the store. I asked questions regarding the Watch, took my time swapping out straps, all with the kind assistance by Asyiqin, the Apple Genius personnel who was with me throughout my time there. She was very professional, very patient and I had no pressure to make my decisions quickly. I was grateful to be given the opportunity to try out a large variety of straps laid out on the table, taking my time familiarising myself on how to swap straps on the Apple Watch and even trying out different watch sizes and strap sizes.

Soon after that, I walked out of the store with a bag, containing the Apple Watch. It was one of the most amazing retail experience I ever had.


I wonder what is my next Apple purchase? The next generation iPad perhaps? Time will tell.


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