My travel experiences in Vancouver and Seattle. Where are they?

I’ve told myself time and time again that I would do a short write up on my experience of my recent solo trip to Vancouver and Seattle. But I haven’t found the right time to actually sit down and do a good and proper write-up. It was a significant event that happened this year, months of planning at the very least. Surely there must be something that I would like to share right? Yeah, definitely but not now.

After getting back from my trip, I am swamped with work. And next week I about to start school again for two weeks, attending an intensive module daily from 9 am to 4 pm. That would mean that I need time off from work, and that means that when I come back, I will be swamped with even more work. But there’s more! I have my annual reservist training right after that for another week. So I won’t be in office for 3 whole weeks!

Work, school, reservist training and so much more. I just haven’t found a conducive time and place to just clear my mind and write whatever it is that I want to write. This blog is not dead. It will never be. But I think the norm will be long periods of inactivity, possibly months at a time. Well, at least I am not writing for an audience. Rather, this is just a place to chronicle my life, snippets of it, not a full autobiography. 30, 40 years from now, this blog would be valuable, not in monetary terms, but in terms of the life’s memories and experiences.

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