New Year Resolutions 2017 is shaping up

I am in the process of writing my New Year Resolution for 2017. Emphasis will be given on advancing my career, making preparations to embark on a new journey. While I am doing that, I am also emphasizing on doing well in school, now that I am going back to study, enrolling myself on a Master’s Programme in Science Communication. This two-prong approach will allow me to gain new skills, and apply those skills that would be relavant in making my switch away from research. I think it is time I make my way out and find new career opportunities with my new skills and credential.

It is going to be a touch 2-year journey. But I am confident enough that I will be able to make it through.

Apart from that, financial goals are relatively unchanged from last year’s. I did managed to achieve my savings goals for 2016 and then some. This time round, I going with a tiered-goal approach. Reaching the base goal in terms of the amoung I am required to save (which is mandatory) before reaching the next tiered goal in savings. I added incentives that would reward myself if I achieve all the tiered-goals I have set for myself (which is mainly having lots of savings in my bank account, making it look good, nothing fancy.) So in other words, more belt tightening, focusing more on my studies, without neglecting work, while juggling all that, setting the foundation for new career opportunities that might come knocking at my door.

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