Moratorium on PC upgrades for 2017.

As 2016 comes to a close, I am in the process of writing up my new year resolutions for 2017. One of the goals involved meeting my financial goals for next year. I am going to list two main financial goals, one of which is a milestone goal, meaning that if I achieve my first goal, then I will go on to achieve my second one. But the first one must be fulfilled at all cost. In order to achieve the second one, I will need to be more aggressive in my savings on a monthly basis.

That means, the best way possible to achieve it is to impose a moratorium on any PC upgrades for 2017. Let’s face it, I just built my first DIY PC less than 4 months ago. Its a great gaming rig. I am still watching those YouTube videos, and reading about all the new PC peripherals for the past few months. I even created a parts list for my next imaginary build that I would do if I were to upgrade my PC in PCPartspicker. All these costs a lot of money. And to be a rational person, its logical to think that there is no need for me to upgrade my PC anytime soon. I am using the latest Intel processor (until Kaby Lake chips for PCs are out in the coming months, which doesnt make a different in terms of performance improvements). I am using Nvidia’s new GPU, the Pascal, 10xx series, which will last me years technically. And just about everything else is just new and performing just as intended.

If I really really want to uprade, it would make more sense to fully utilise my current gaming rig till it breaks or underpeforms to my basic expectations. Either that, or I will wait till a newer generation of graphics cards are released to make the upgrade a little more worthwhile. It will take at least 2018 for the new generation GPUs to come out at the very earliest to make any meaningful upgrades. Which means that it would be wise to ban myself from doing any drastic, ad-hoc upgrades to my current PC and just spend a little more in getting a whole new one further down the road instead.

And that is what I am going to do. Unless something breaks and needs a replacement (which is unlikely, and even then I am covered by all the various warranties in each component) I am not going to spend unnecesarily on hardware upgrades. Even if its just a change in the case fans, or modifications to the aesthestics, its a no no for me. I am going to embrace my gaming rig wholeheartedly. Appreciate its strengths and accept its flaws (which in my eyes, there arent any). Because at the end of the day, it makes more sense to save that money and go all out in my next gaming rig, and I really mean all out. I am talking about RGB fans, LED strips, tempered glass panels, custom cables, dual GPUs, M.2 NVME SSDs and AIO coolers, with a ‘K’series chip. I am serious about it, and it will take some serious money to go all out on that rig. 2018 would be the earliest I would upgrade or overhaul my PC. I am going to keep my word.

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