I just love Steam sale. 

When games on Steam go on sale, they really do go on sale. I’m talking about prices of video games, some of them new and recent, others, critically acclaimed classics slashed to as much as 90% off! 

Like recently, Steam held a Warner Brothers games division sale, slashing titles from the Lego and Batman franchise by as much as 75 off the usual price. The popular Batman Arkham franchise, consisting of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Origins, was just 5 dollars each! I quickly swept all three games in addition to the recent Arkham Knight at 13 dollars. All in all, I bought 4 full games for less than 30 dollars! 

It’s a deal that cannot be missed. Simply irresistible, especially when you know that these are the games you will play eventually when you done with the other titles that you are currently playing. So no harm waiting patiently, adding those games to your wish list and then snapping them up when a sale is on. Just gotta love games on Steam. 

So right now while my pc rig is fairly new, and my games collection relatively sparse, I have no qualms about purchasing and downloading multiple games at one go. Hell, I might eventually face a problem a friend of mine did a long time ago; too many games, too little time to play them all! 

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