Bought my second mechanical watch.

Over the last couple of weeks, I spent a lot of time scouring the web learning about the watch that recently caught my attention. At the same time, I tried many times to justify my eventual purchase since I already own a Tissot Visodate automatic. I love that watch. I bought it 6 years ago... Continue Reading →

What if?

Toying with the whole notion of "what if's", what if, I am rich, not terribly rich, but rich enough to spare thousands of dollars on a luxury watch? What kind of watch would I get? I love my Tissot Visodate which was featured on my blog a few days ago. I bought at around SGD... Continue Reading →

Everything falls into place

The last couple of weeks had been really interesting. I celebrated my birthday early this week to great fanfare, promoted to 3rd sergeant, after having passed my IPPT for the second time, and the F1 Race! Sometimes you get experience short periods in your life where everything just falls into place. Its like God or... Continue Reading →

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