A haze of thoughts

Recently, for some odd reason, a lot is going through my mind. Perhaps, I am sensing an undercurrent of change that is going to bubble up to the surface in the near future. I have been thinking a lot about it as well, because I know it will come up to the surface sooner, rather than later. These haze of thoughts, are clouding my judgment, sending ripples of emotions through me that I just cannot control. Ever since my New Zealand trip, it has – more than I would expect, profoundly changed me. And that is not all, a convergence of change in my family, my friends, and a possible turning point in my work and career, all adds up to the tension that I am feeling right now.

I feel tense, like a weight on my shoulder that I simply cannot shrug it off, yet not heavy enough as to cause it to be a great burden to carry around, nor would I call it acute stress, especially with the things happening around me. And this is the first time, that somehow, I find it very challenging to sort it out. I think that I am going to feel this way for quite a while.

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