2015 is around the corner, and a new home improvement project is underway. Right after our major holiday trip to New Zealand, plans are underway to revamp one of the rooms that my dad frequently uses in our home. So we have been recycling old books, tons of my old university notes neatly stored in folders during those days studying. It was sad to see them go. All my blood sweat and tears in making those notes just to ace those exams. Ok, maybe not blood, but it was 4 years of note taking. Just imagine the sheer amount of paper I used during those years. Paper to print my notes for lectures, tutorials and revision. It was enough to fill 4 trash bags and it was heavy as hell.

All those went to the recycling bins and next would be the old books that we are going to sell or recycle them away. Out with the old, in with the new. Creating more shelf space for new and upcoming books is a priority right now.

After the decluttering phase, we will move on to the painting the walls with a new coat of paint. Pantone Marsala. I heard that color is the color of 2015. So we are going to paint the room red, with a hint of brown. Can’t wait to see the final result. Should give the room a much needed uplight. After that, we will move in the furniture old and new and hopefully newly revamped room will look much more functional.

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