Thank you New Zealand

Auckland will be the final destination before ending my 2 week vacation and heading home. For the past 12 days I have seen and experienced many wondrous things in New Zealand. I am deeply humbled by those experiences. Many of the things I did were the very ‘firsts’ in my life. Bungy jumping, extreme aviation, and driving tours were some of the things that I did for the very first time.

New Zealand is beautiful. Words cannot describe enough how stunning it is to see the mountains, the arid plains, the green pastures and the temperate forests all within a span of 2 weeks. I have never felt so close to nature before. To see the majestic blue lakes and the towering mountain ranges all over the South Island of New Zealand with your very own eyes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As a bonus I get to visit some iconic filming locations used for the wildly popular lord of the rings movie trilogy as well as the hobbit movies. Those are remarkable places to visit and places worth preserving for future generations to appreciate how beautiful nature is. Aside from the extreme sports that I did in Queenstown and the filming locations I visited to feed the LOTR fan in me, just driving around the country and seeing those beautiful lakes and mountains is enough to get me satisfied about this whole holiday trip. Everything else is just a bonus.

And the New Zealanders are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Always cheery and helpful, they never fail to be courteous to strangers, always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. My stay in New Zealand is extremely memorable not so much because of the beautiful landscape but because of the nice people I have encountered during my stay. Will I visit New Zealand again? Definitely! There are still a few things I want to see and do that I just simply do not have the time in this vacation. I will definitely come back and experience those things again.

For now, of all the places I have visited around the world, New Zealand has made the largest impression in me and I will cherish the memories I have in New Zealand. Truly the experience that I have gained, simply cannot be bought by money alone. And it had made me so much richer, my life greatly enhanced, my horizons vastly expanded during this short 2 weeks. No textbook, internet website, or documentary could rival the experiences I have gained whilst I was actually there.

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