Room improvements an ever continuing process

In the beginning of the year, I changed the sofa in my room to a two seater, red polyester fabric sofa that I bought from Franc Franc. I love that sofa. The size is just perfect for my room. It’s soft and comfy and is a perfect place to read your books, or use your tablets and devices while listening to music blasting from the speakers on my desk where my Macbook Air is. It costed $450, after a $150 discount. It aint cheap, but it was worth the price considering the materials used and craftsmanship.

I also bought a brand new light brown, latte coloured carpet from Ikea. It was surprisingly cheap given the size, and it’s perfect in adding warmth and colour to my room that complements the colour of my walls.

Improving the interior of my room is important to me, obviously because I spend the bulk of my time in my room. It all started with a complete revamp starting with the bed. Downsizing it to a super single added lots of space to my room. This was followed by the repainting of the walls to latte and coffee coloured paint. And then mounting a 32 inch LCD T.V. on my wall so that I could watch stuff where ever I am at in my room. Then the purchase of my computer desk, which was one of a kind and pretty rare to get it in Singapore. Hailing from Bluelounge, their desk featured a comprehensive cable management system for your computers and electronics used on your desk. I was immediately smitten by their concept and extremely lucky to get it from my local furniture store at a bargain price. Made of solid wood, it is extremely sturdy. The desk is pretty big for my current use. I even have space to place my PS4 horizontally, next to my Dell 23 inch computer monitor!

After the big purchases came the change of sofa, change of carpet and some other minor fittings like a handsome looking wall hooks used to hang my bagpacks and briefcases that I often use for school and work. A trio of them placed apart equally, facing my bed, perfect for displaying my bags in a neat and tidy fashion. I used to have 2 bookshelves in my room where I kept all my favourite books I had read throughout the years. I moved them out to another room, so that the hooks and sofa can be brought in.

The only thing I can’t change is the wardrobe. It’s built in. And it’s blue, the original colour of my room. I have been trying to find solution to paint over the original colour, but I do not know the correct paint, spray or technique to get an even coating and to completely cover the dark blue exterior. All my furniture are mainly brown or light brown, so the wardrobe is quite a sore spot in my room, completely out of place in terms of the color.

There are a couple of things I have yet to get to further improve my room. I have been trying to find a good and simple looking bedside table that would be slotted in between my sofa and my bed. I could use the space to place my gadgets like my tablets, books, magazine to within easy reach from either my bed or my sofa. I have a few tables that I had seen that could be ideal. I will still need to explore other alternatives before deciding which would be best. Perhaps a desk lamp as well? It depends on whether I would need it or whether it would enhance or complement the ambiance of my room. I would also had to make a decision on which is the best option for my needs and uses.


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