Where is my new year resolution?

It’s often a tradition for me to come up with some new year resolutions. Whether it is in a form of bullet points or sweeping goals that I set myself to achieve during the year, at least it serves as a signpost on how I should lead my life in the year ahead. To not be too muddled or distracted in things that do not bring happiness or improve my life. To at least provide some sense of direction in improving oneself, or achieving something in your bucket list.

The truth is, it’s hard for me to come up with one now. My employment prospects are still in limbo. If it falls through, it will be months before I get a job. And that by itself would be depressing, which will lead me to not be able to come up with a firm resolution that would properly serve and guide me throughout the year. So I am holding that for now.

But what I can say is that the resolution to get fitter and eat healthier is definitely in the cards. And I will commit myself to be more discipline when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and get even fitter this year. I started running  since March last year on a regular basis and adding new routines every now and then to strengthen myself and get fit. I have not an ounce of regret. I am going to continue to run and get fit and maintain my fitness, which can be even more difficult that initially starting out getting fit by itself. Let’s just say that I do not want to waste my months of effort to get to where I am right now. Regular exercise by itself has made me a better person as a whole, and I know that getting fitter would bring in more benefits. I don’t like exercising, but seeing its benefits, i think its a good pill to swallow, no matter how bitter it can be.

Apart from my career, (Should I hold a job in the next couple of weeks. Everything hinges on that email that I am waiting from my prospective employer.), I think one major addition to my resolution, is to perhaps find a way to find someone whom I can start sharing my life with. In other words, get into a relationship. I think it’s time. But the problem is I just don’t know where to start. In addition to my new start to my new career in the near future, finding someone and starting a relationship, is perhaps the next sensible step I should take. And it should not be just for 2014 but in the years ahead. The very thought of it is overwhelming, but I am going to take it step by step. I don’t care what people say, but I am going to take the first step even if it’s a slow and cautious one. I think it’s time to not only move on with life, but move forward to become a better man.

So a meaningful relationship is in the cards. I am also going to continue to expand my circle of peers and acquaintances. Travel is in the cards as well. The details of all these have not been worked out yet. Also in the cards are things or habits that I should take up or refine to define who I want to be in 2014. Details are sparse at the moment. I need time to brainstorm quietly and think through my life and what I want to accomplish to be happy.



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