Picture perfect moments part 2 (A reflection of 2013)

This is perhaps one of the most difficult entry to write. To reflect upon the past year, the ups and downs, the mistakes and achievements I have made in 2013. You have this urge to tell them all. Yet, you do not know where to begin. I don’t even know if I should highlight every major moments in my life or just give a brief outline on what has happened so far. I have written a little bit of my life in 2013 in part 1. This is part 2 which details the second half of the year.

Second half of the year was tumultuous. Finding a job after graduation was a rough ride. After facing defeat in not securing a scholarship for my further studies, I had to reevaluate what I wanted to achieve in the near time. I was lost. Broken. The defeat and set back was pretty hard to swallow. I did not expect it to really come at me hard. I was depressed for a while. Can you imagine, a roadblock to a road that you wanted to take, a life you wanted to leave, and you have absolutely no power to remove it. A setback that really knocks you down cold. There were days you just feel like lying on your  bed, doing nothing, just contemplating on the meaning of your life.

But salvation arrived by a group of friends who kept me occupied and distracted. It gave me a sense of reprieve, a small oasis in a desert of desperate. A respite to keep my mind off the bad things that have happened so far. They kept my spirits up. I am eternally grateful for them. Without them, I would be drifting, lost at sea like some flotsam in the ocean. They kept me sane. They made me do things I have never done before. 2013 become not only a year of change, but also a year of firsts. Vacation with friends, Universal Studies Singapore, paintball, birthday celebration at Fish n Co, and so many more. How could I ever forsake them. They mean they world to me. Give me all the riches in the world, and I would never trade them away. Torture me, and I will never sell my friends off. They are my brothers, and my sisters, my mentors, my companions, my joy, happiness and laughter. They are my anchor, my crutches, my support, my confidants, my cure for depression.

I am nearing the end of it now. The prospects of having a job is nearing, and hopefully everything will go well. Im pretty excited for 2014. A new beginning, a new start, a new path in life that I am going to take. I will have to come up with a new year’s resolution soon. I think, my focus in2014, is not only for a new beginning, but to shed away any excess baggages, meaning to say that I am going to strive to lead a simpler life. A simpler and more meaningful life. Full of experiences, and not just things I desire but true meaningful experiences. I am going to be simpler, leaner and I’m going to forge new habits that would lead me to a better life in the next 10 years.

Stop worrying, start living. Start living responsibly, with principles as your centre in life. To control my emotions and not emotions lead my life.

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