Picture perfect moments part 1 (A reflection of 2013)

This is perhaps one of the most difficult entry to write. To reflect upon the past year, the ups and downs, the mistakes and achievements I have made in 2013. You have this urge to tell them all. Yet, you do not know where to begin. I don’t even know if I should highlight every major moments in my life or just give a brief outline on what has happened so far.

What I do want to write about are picture perfect moments. I realise that these moments can come from anywhere, anytime in your life. Missed it, and it’s gone forever. Sometimes we worry so much in life, that we don’t see the simple moments that are pure and perfect. And because of that, life gets dull, tiresome. I guess, I have come to appreciate that you need to be aware of those moments, and when you actually manage to catch it, you have to reflect upon it. Reflect how it happened, when it happened, why it happened. So that you can better spot it when such joyous and memorable moments come knocking at your door. Whether you have a new job, or you graduate or you hang out with your best friends, these are moments worth celebrating. And these are moments worth remembering.

2013 for me brings about sweeping changes to my life. Looking back, it puzzles me as to why I did not come up with a new year’s resolution. I think one of the main reason was that 2013 was a year a of transition for me. Therefore, it is very difficult to pin down what you want to achieve in life. Life suddenly lays down multiples forks down the road from which you can walk. For one, it is the year where I get to graduate and get a degree after 4 years of studying in NTU. Graduation signals an important milestone. From a life of a student to a life of a working adult. Internships, final year project occupied much of the first half of the year in 2013. All of that culminated to my graduation day.

2013 also marks the end of my NS experience. I finally get to resume and complete my NS after a 4 year break to continue my study. With that done, I can finally say in 2013 that I have finally ORDed. Along the way, I encounter and made lots of new friends and companions. Those moments are fleeting. A small drop in an ocean of time that make up your life. I spent only 6 weeks serving the rest of my NS obligations. But those 6 weeks are some of the most memorable in 2013. Like a torrential downpour full of moments to store in a lake filled with life’s memories.  Sure it was back breaking work, being a section commander to a group of recruits undergoing BTMV. However, there were so many picture perfect moments along the way. I guess hard work and true grit really pays off, and it paid off with having to know awesome people, creating awesome memories down the road. Sure it’s a touch and go experience, but it made me happy, that the time spent during those 6 weeks, allowed me to experience picture perfect moments in life.

The transition from a student life to a military life wasn’t easy, but it was damn worth it.

During my time in NS, I tried to apply for a scholarship to further my studies. Suddenly I’m confronted with another potential change in my life. I am now presented in front of me, multiple paths in which to proceed in my life. I never realised beforehand that the choice were laid bare beforehand so suddenly. Should I go back being a student for a little while longer? Or should I plunge head long to the working world?

Alas, my path to being a student was confronted with a roadblock. I did not succeed in securing a scholarship to further my studies overseas, despite the fact that I have a place in the university of my choice. I went back to the drawing board, and decided to get working experience and thus started job hunting.

But before that, I graduated. It was the happiest moment of my life, finally the ordeal of lectures, lessons and exams have now come to a close. But it was also the saddest moments of my life. Friends will surely drift apart. The carefree attitude about life from a student’s perspective is gone. From that point on, I realise the meaning of bittersweet moments. The mixture of good and bad moments. Picture perfect need not be only for the good moments. Life goes on, nothing lasts forever. Another wave of change was upon me once again. How I miss school right now. The full realisation of that statement heard countless times by your parents, siblings, and friends who graduated before you did.


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