5 months in, and a new milestone


I hate running. But at the beginning of 2013, in April, I decided to buy a good pair of running shoes and tell myself to just run. Run regularly. Run 5KM every time I go out running. Around 5 months in, I hit an all new milestone. I was quite surprised that I had reached this far. It was tough, keeping a strict schedule to run every other day for 5 months. I definitely miss some sessions, but I go back to being on schedule as soon as possible. 5KM, which equates to around 30 to 40  minutes of running, have done wonders to my body.

My legs, calves and thighs are surprisingly more toned now. They are slimmer, firmer, packing more muscles. I look good wearing shorts. But the most important change I experienced within me was definitely the emotional and psychological benefits that comes with running. I feel more positive. I experience less mood swings. I can control my emotions better, think more rationally. My life feels more positive, more optimistic. I smile and laugh more. Emotionally, I am stronger, more resilient. That is what I have felt, ever since I started running as a routine.

Running. I hate it. But I do it because I know it can bring me a lot of other benefits that you usually don’t realise. Feeling good more often than not. Being stronger in all aspects of your life. The discipline and mental fortitude is strengthened to a large degree.

This is one New Year Resolution that I intend to keep at it. To those reading this and are skeptical on the benefits of running, I urge you to try it out and start planning a routine for it. Buy a decent running shoes, a pair of comfortable, and dry fit tops and running shots. I guarantee in 3 months, you will see yourself in a different light. You don’t have to run like a dog. Start slow if you have never run in years or in your entire life. So long as you keep your heart pumping, breathing deep and hard, get the blood flowing. Soon, you will love the effects of it.  Remember, it’s not about losing weight, or gaining muscles, its more about feeling good in general about yourself. Because it is all that matters.

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