Aveda rosemary mint shampoo


I have been to this salon several times now and he always used this rosemary mint scented shampoo by Aveda. I liked it a lot and so I decided to get one for myself. On my last visit he diagnosed my scalp as oily and because of that, it clogs the scalp, which causes some degree of hairloss. Before that I never knew the exact cause of my hairloss. While it is not severe, it can be be noticeable after a haircut.

He then told me that one way to reverse the trend is to keep your scalp clean, and oil free so that it will not clog the pores where the hair is growing. While I have been shampooing my hair more thoroughly with each wash, I decided to try the shampoo that he uses whenever I visit his hair salon. The rosemerry scent smells great and it really gives a super clean and refreshing feeling after a wash. I’m gonna start a new shampoo regime using that shampoo and hopefully it will improve my hair loss problem somewhat. As an added bonus it gives my bathroom a good smell after a shower.

He also recommended using an exfoliating shampoo to really wash the scalp clean of dirt and grime after a long day. That would really keep the scalp healthy and clean. I’m gonna check the price of those two and depending on my budget, see if its cost effective to buy two different shampoos. Then there’s the conditioner to buy. Those shampoos are not cheap, so most likely I will just buy the shampoo first and see how it goes.

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