1TB offer by Flickr


After the recent acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo, Yahoo also updated and ravamped the ios and web based version of Flickr and at the same time increased the storage limits that you can upload to Flickr to 1TB. That is a pretty slick deal. And a deal I have been waiting for for a very long time.

I have tons of photos taken over the years using my DSLR and my iPhone that I’m dying to offload to the cloud. About 200GB and counting. This new flickr offering 1TB of space is just such a sweet deal. Now I can dump my entire collection and need not worry too much about harddrive failure and such. And in the long term, my photos will be safe and I can retrieve it anytime I want. I can even browse using my phone and can show my collection to virtually anyone in the future. This is such a sweet deal, and one of the biggest storage offering I have come across so far. Avid photographers will surely like this deal on top of the ability to upload really high resolution pictures that they have taken using their professional DSLR. Browsing the pictures are so much easier and so much more beautiful. Now, flickr has become a beautiful site, offering stunning images in large formats and ultra high definitions.


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