The Last of Us

I have always been a huge fan of the Uncharted series by Naughty Dog. Ever since they announced a new game IP called The Last of Us, I have been following closely on the development of the game.

The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic third person survival action adventure game in which you control Joel, brutal survivor of a global post-apocalyptic event where most of humanity had been wiped out by a strange fungi like disease. Some of them who are infected are controlled by these fungi in which they become zombie-like, while the rest of the human survivors are hostile towards Joel. You are also accompanied by a teenage girl named Ellie who is controlled by the AI. In the game you make your journey across The United States out of the quarantined zone to save Ellie, a promise which Joel made to his friend earlier. As you travel, you encounter obstacles along the way, ruthless human survivors, and fungi infected humans who will stop at nothing to halt your profess.

The Uncharted series is by far the best adventure video game I have ever played in my life. Previous mentions of this game in my blog were filled with nothing but praises for the franchise. Naughty Dog has created a new Indiana Jones of this generation using video games as a medium to tell the story of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter. The moments while playing the games were filled with nothing with awe and joy and a fond attachments to the characters in the games in which you either quickly fall in love with, or hate with a passion (for a villain that is).

So it comes to no surprise that when Naughty Dog was working on a new franchise, one that tapped onto their expertise of great storytelling, wonderful characters and excellent adventure gameplay elements, many people within the gaming industry quickly took note of its potential. A playstation exclusive, this is personally my most anticipated game in the months to come, leading up to the release.

Recently, they released an extended gameplay video lasting almost 15 minutes and I must say, I was awe inspired by the gameplay and graphics. Much is hidden about the overall plot of the story, but judging from the quality from those demo videos from an early build of the game, I am pretty sure that this could be another AAA title under Naughty Dog’s sleeve. For gamers out there, this is the game you should be looking out for. You have got to watch the demo video and see for yourself and astounding gameplay in The Last of Us.

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