Things to do during the holiday.

I know I shouldn’t be writing this list down yet, especially when the exams havent even started yet. But this semester is really a bummer and I just couldnt wait for the holidays to begin. With that being said, I have started to come up with a list of things that I would like to do during the holiday.

Let’s just say that I would first and foremost, like to buy a new foldable bike. I initially wanted to get a Bromptom bike, but it is too darn expensive. The proliferation of park connectors around Singapore have me itching to explore them all and it is a good way to keep myself fit during the holidays as well. I have a taiwan foldable bike alternative that cost a third of what a typical Bromptom bike would cost. I have saved up enough money to get one Brompton bike (hopefully by then) but seeing all that money go to a bike, well that is another story. I would have to see the alternative and whether I would like to make the necessary sacrifices to get the bike I need.

I would very much like to teach myself properly this time on the use of Excel and Word. I would like to start borrowing self help books and and learn all the features found in the program that I use everyday so that I can be more proficient in coming up with documents and excel sheets. It would definitely be beneficial for me to grasp the more advance features of the program and would definitely help me in the future. So Excel, Word and Indesign. Indesign, is a software that I predict would be used very much often from now on, especially when the first issue of Genesis newsletter was published few weeks back. It was a success and I’m pretty sure that they would like to see more of it being published and sent off to the printing press. I need to learn how to properly use Indesign and no rely on others to come up with a suitable templates for newsletter publishing that is fit for printing.

I would very much like to catch up on my reading, especially continuing the Harry Dresden novels, which i abruptly halted last year. Im half way through the 14 or so novels in the entire series, so snuggling up at home during my free time, catching up on my reading is definitely the number one thing I would like to do during the holidays. Other than the Jim Butcher novels, I  have a number of books in my kindle app that have yet to be read, so Ill complete that too.

Movie marathons. I have tons of movies Id like to watch and will definitely laze around at home, just watching movie after movie after movie. Not to mention some of the tv series that I have in my hard disk, sitting there dormant.

Summer holidays would mean, hot weather, so I’ll probably go for a swim (finally) almost every other day. Ill juggle between cycling and swimming everyday during the vacation.

Video games. I think i have like 4 to 5 games that i have yet to play, including the ones that would ultimately be released during the summer blockbuster season. Killzone 3, Crysis2, Noir and maybe ill give Vanquish a try, since i have loads of time in my hand. Oh and did I tell you I have yet to play Call of Duty Black Ops. I know, its blasphemous right?

During the holidays, I look forward to FOC and im pretty excited to play my part in this wonderful event as a photographer. I’ll be more prepared this time as I would also attend the seniors camp, where everyone who is involved in the FOC undergo a ‘dry run’ so that we can sort out any kinks to our program. This is to ensure the program during the main 5 day event would go smoothly. I look forward to all the freshies and make loads of new friends.

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  1. There’s no harm in having something to look forward to, it’ll help you through the revision for your exams and the exams themselves. Best of luck!

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