The merging of blogs

I have decided to merge two blogs into one. I decided that paying another 150 bucks to sustain a blog on an external server is just isnt worth it. While i didnt say that the past year of hosting the blog to an external server was a waste of money, I did learn a lot of things on how this whole domain-server thing works. I was proud of have my own domain name (which i still keep at $9.90 a year). Thus domain is rightfully mine. So what happens now?

For the past year, I have been updating only one main blog, and that is It was fun, there were lots of challenges during the days leading up to the launch of the blog to an independent server with my own domain to call my own. I was really happy when I managed to figure things out in the sea of I.T. jargon and launched the site. It wasnt cheap for me. And to keep it running for another year at a cost of 150 bucks, and at the same time, my waning love for blogging has really have me thinking if extending for another would be a wise choice. Dont get me wrong, i love to blog, but i blog only when i have the time and the inspiration, the ‘mood’ most people would call it.

So i decided to merge it with my old blog that i kept running for 4 years straight. I realise that it was ultimately the best move for me. Firstly, it would spare me the burden of doing housekeeping to my blog; that is to make sure the site runs optimally. This would require logging in to (the company that i chose to host my site) every now and then and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Secondly, it would spare me the burden of figuring things out if things go wrong and thirdly, the cost associated in maintaining the blog. I might have lost the ability to use my domain to host the blog, but ultimately, its just vanity on my part. may not be the most interesting address to type and visit, but at least it would spare me those headaches mention and at the same time keeping my blogging interests alive. Last but not least, merging with my previous blog gave me a very pleasant surprise. Chronologically, it all fits in. The date and timestamp on my last entry and the date and timestamp of the first entry between the old and new blog dont differ that much. So there is no gap in my blogging activities during the transition. In other words, everything (almost) was intact and I was able to create an expanded version of the blog. Now this blog would have technically been alive for almost 5 years straight. Its simply amazing. That would mean that I started this blog on my final year of poly and have continued ever since. I hope to keep it alive for as long as possible.

One major downside to this is that any images associated with the posts on the old site would ultimately be replaced by broken links, as the images are all hosted in the outside server. Im still trying to figure how to go about restoring it and redirect it to a new site. Hopefully i can find a solution to that.

So to wrap things up, here it is, the death and rebirth of my old and new blog, all in one place. Somehow I feel relieved to visit my previous blog…

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