iPhone 4

A funny thing happened to me days before I acquire my new phone. Firstly, I never knew or was not made aware of that I was able to recontract on August. I always thought that I had another year to go through before my current contract expires. So when I actually made the effort to give Singtel a call last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the good news that I was eligible for recontract.

Considering that the iPhone 4 only reached Singapore’s shores in like what, in the month of August, it never occurred to me that I would actually get one immediately, because my previous iPhone 3GS was still relatively new, so I dont feel compelled to actually get a new phone. When I actually studied the mobile plan however, I realised that it would be a good move to start upgrading immediately.

My old plan involved the singtel youth plan at around 25 bucks. But at the time it did not have the data bundle that came with the mobile plan. So I got a separate package for around 18bucks just for a measely 1GB of data. That would almost rack my bill up to almost 50 bucks considering other miscellaneous charges. I bought my iphone 4, applied for the new iflexi lite contract at just only 39 bucks and it gives me 12gb of free local data. The phone costs 480 bucks under that plan, but with the tradein program for my iphone 3GS, I would save 300 dollars and would just have to top up an additional 180 for the phone. Considering that I would save 11 bucks my monthly bill, I would eventually recoup the cost of paying the phone if I were to full utilize the phone well into the second year.

I bought the same cover as with my iphone 3GS from the same online store for my new iphone4. Its leather, handmade and is an overall cover for the phone including the screen. The retinal display is amazing. I just couldnt stop staring at the screen whenver i use the phone. It feels so much faster and smoother and the fonts looks sharp and crisp while surfing. iOS is top notch and highly polished. Everything screams of perfection and looks slick no matter how you ‘dress up’ your iphone4. The phone itself feels extremely sturdy and with the glass and stainless steel make up, you know that it is a quality product and you know that Apple is bent on quality, stability and customer satisfaction. I’m amazed, that from my first purchase of my mac (the mac mini) to the iphone 3GS, and now to the iphone 4, I am one satisfied customer.

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