To the Chilean Miners

I cannot imagine a place colder or darker than being trapped in the mines. To the 33 Chilean miners, though I may live thousands of miles away, my heart and prayers goes to every single one of you in the hopes that you will all make it out alive in the months to come. I cannot imagine how terrible it must feel, being trapped underground for months without a fresh cool breeze blowing against your skin or the warm rays of sunshine that strikes your face every waking hour of the day.

My only wish is to not lose hope and not lose the  will to survive, as your family members and friends on the surface are with you every single day. Camp Hope have been set up to ensure that you will always be close to your love ones at all times. Though it may seem impossible to see them now, to kiss them and hug them with all your love, know that they are within reach, just 700 meters away from you. It will take 4 months to reach you and no doubt, it will seem like an eternity.

Life will be extremely hard for you on all fronts, and no one will truly understand the hardships you face while being trapped underground. You are already a national hero in your nation, and should you make it out alive, you will surely be a beacon of hope to many people around the world. You have already shown the true meaning of human tenacity and human courage.

I feel very uplifted, seeing your smiling faces even in times of adversity. When the first footage arrived from underground, your optimism was contagious. Surely not everyone can do that when one is trapped in the mines.  Should you be rescued before Christmas, it would be the greatest gift for mankind.

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