Endless notes

So I bought 7 or so new folders to store all my new notes for the upcoming semester, and i think its unsustainable. I have 2 waist-level shelves bought from IKEA and I feel that it is already reaching its limit. Those shelves are meant to store my notes from school neatly, since I usually buy the ring binders from Popular and neatly store them according to modules. But every semester, it would fill up the entire shelf space. I have 3 more years to go and I have already used up 2 of the available 6. I just dunno where to store them next.  Theres so many notes to print every time. I already have to resort to printing double sides to save paper and potentially save space, so that i can fit an entire module’s worth of notes on one ring binder. Its such a waste to throw your notes away. After all, it might be useful in the future and a number of the notes are really good. Some are extremely informative and it makes certain concepts easier to understand, without resorting to finding a textbook for the information you want to find.

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