Magic Mouse: Should I buy?

Of all the things I have purchased after a lenghty research, I have never been more split in my decision in whether I should buy the new Magic Mouse. This product is truly the epitome of ” Love it or Hate it” and frankly I dunno which side I should be on. Despite reading reviews of the pros and cons of the mouse and even watching the video unboxing and reviews on Youtube as well, I still cannot reach a consensus on whether I should plunk down SGD98 for a mouse.

On one hand, its pretty pricey for a mouse. On the other hand, its kinda revolutionary. Design wise, its very flat and the lack of grip on the sides as some have highlighted have made me hesitant in getting this as my primary mouse. I managed to try out the mouse at one of the apple store. It was only for 5 minutes because there was only one on showcase and demonstration. 5 minutes isnt enough to safely say whether the mouse is truly ergonomic or comfortable to use in the long run.

I need a new mouse. The Razer Krait that I have been using is old, but its not spoilt or anything. I can still use my 5 year old mouse but I have started looking for a replacement now. The magic mouse might seem to be a good investment, but I still cant reach a conclusion. I can’t find any other mouse that is as intuitive as the Magic Mouse (touch sensitive and multitouch gestures and all), yet certain aspects of the mouse is really a turnoff for me. It could just be due to the fact that I just need to get used to it. But I dunno. The Magic Mouse is selling like hotcakes and I still cant find one locally. I can only order them online.

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