Levan was like a netangel

It was 1am, I tinkled with cpanels, ftp, ftp servers, sql database just to get my previous blog running to a new host, but to no avail. I just couldn’t migrate my old blog to the new host for some reason. I gave up and cancelled the first 30 days of subscription, despite being paid for it already, and declaring it cancelled after a matter of hours.Just when i was about to call it a day, a window popped up. It was one of the sales rep from siteground. Name was Levan, think its a female. She started asking me if i have problem with my account. I thought it was one of those bots trying to lure you back into the website and stay on with the subscriptions. You know, devious sales tactics. I went with the flow, first asking complicated questions about my account. That was when i realised that it was actually a real human being on the other side chatting with me!

18:55:42) Levan: Hello Jasrie Chew . Welcome to SiteGround.com Hosting Services !
(18:55:48) Levan: Could I ask whether you experienced any specific issues with your account, please?
(18:56:05) Jasrie Chew: hello
(18:56:44) Jasrie Chew: well im not really prepared in creating my own website yet.. you see i have a blog mapped by wordpress, and im still trying to figure out how to transfer to siteground
(18:57:10) Levan: Allow me just a moment to check the account, please.
(18:57:23) Levan: Basically your account is with WordPress itself. as in a subdomain?

The first 3 minutes was enough to confirm that this was no bot.

So she helped me, every single step of the way. For the next hour, she helped me build this incredible site, a host account, and a domain for FREE. Yes i got a new domain, the one im using right now for Free (up to the first year of usage). I could have shelled out 15 bucks for a domain transfer, but this was even better. A brand new one. And the next day, i got this blog up and running.

(19:10:43) Jasrie Chew: strange though, server cert doesnt match the url though.. i should just proceed?
(19:11:15) Levan: Yup, that’s becouse it’s the shared certificate.
(19:11:24) Jasrie Chew: ok im in
(19:11:35) Levan: You have the encryption, the difference is that it’s issued on the server name itself.
(19:11:44) Levan: Ok, now please choose the Fantastico icon
(19:12:17) Jasrie Chew: okie i think already have a wordpress install shall i redo it again?
(19:13:05) Levan: In which folder, please?
(19:13:19) Levan: As I checked the root, and it was still blank.
(19:13:34) Jasrie Chew: i will just install in the root folder again then

She definitely knows her stuff, and she was very patient with me throughout. I was a total noob when i comes to technical stuff like uploading files through ftp and creating databases and what have you. But still she was there throughout going through every step of the way. She was like a netangel brought down from the World Wide Web just to assist me and she did it brilliantly. Ultimately, i decided to try out for a couple more days and this is the result. If not for her, I would not have thought of creating a new blog, and I would have sworn not to touch nor meddle with any of these IT stuff. It was just too complicated for me at first. But now thanks to her, after going through that mountain of hurdles, I’m starting to enjoy this and I realized that once you have the infrastructure up and running, it is actually quite easy.

(19:42:36) Jasrie Chew: you have reversed my cancellation of the acct?
(19:43:23) Levan: Not, yet. I’m thinking of it πŸ™‚
(19:43:30) Levan: Would you like me to at this point?
(19:44:04) Jasrie Chew: please reverse id like to try out a little longer
(19:44:39) Levan: Great. I will make sure I do πŸ™‚ Glad that you’ll stay around. You do have the full month to play around.
(19:45:50) Levan: I’m glad I could help.
(19:46:02) Levan: And once again, we’re here for you at all times. Simply come by.
(19:46:31) Jasrie Chew: thank you once more! you have been a great help
(19:47:07) Levan: thanks πŸ™‚ you’re always welcome.
(19:47:52) Levan: buy for now, and have a great one.
(19:48:23) Jasrie Chew: bye

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