Levan was like a netangel

It was 1am, I tinkled with cpanels, ftp, ftp servers, sql database just to get my previous blog running to a new host, but to no avail. I just couldn't migrate my old blog to the new host for some reason. I gave up and cancelled the first 30 days of subscription, despite being paid... Continue Reading →

My new Blog

Hello, welcome to my new blog! As you can see, alot of changes are still needed to be made. I hope you are are patient while we under some massive renovation! Meanwhile, do come back time and again to see the progress i have made so far. It's not easy setting up a hosted blog... Continue Reading →

Third Anniversary Soon

This blog will be approaching its third anniversary soon. Its the only blog that has survived this long. Dont see myself abandoning it anytime soon.  Unchartedfutures.com is still dominantly hosted by WordPress. I just acquired a different domain name for a small fee in which i pay WordPress every year. The cost is about 15... Continue Reading →

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