Apple Music vs Spotify. My Personal Take

It's been close to a month since I started using Apple Music, Apple's newest streaming service, out to compete directly with Spotify. As a Spotify user for 6 months prior to Apple Music's launch, there are distinct differences between the two services. Personally, I think Apple Music has a better music collection available for streaming.... Continue Reading →

iTunes Match

A couple of months ago, iTunes Singapore went live. And with it, Singapore customers using iTunes now have access to a huge library of music, and movies in which they can buy legitimately through the iTunes store. Singapore customers also get to use their relatively new service called iTunes Match. I decided to try it... Continue Reading →

Levan was like a netangel

It was 1am, I tinkled with cpanels, ftp, ftp servers, sql database just to get my previous blog running to a new host, but to no avail. I just couldn't migrate my old blog to the new host for some reason. I gave up and cancelled the first 30 days of subscription, despite being paid... Continue Reading →

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