So detached

Is this it? Is this finally it? My pc finally failed on me. After 2 years, perfect timing. Just when i needed the pc even more now, it decided to work against me. I should have contemplated about getting a mac after this has run its end. Ah man, looks like my house is jinxed when it comes to electrical appliances. As a rule:

Never talk about getting a new appliance/electronic item, or the current one are bound to fail soon after.

Sounds crazy i know, but it happened alot of times now. Its almost like bad luck to badmouth a non living item. Getting a new mac is out of the question now. Im terribly short on cash. Though i can support myself quite comfortably with what i have right now, but it would take a long time  save up the money to get a new one. In the meantime im trying to find a way to fix the current one. All my songs and stuff are all inside! If i ever gonna save those things to the a new computer, i need an external Hard Disk first.

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