Firmware 3.0

Personally I find paying almost 10 bucks for a firmware update for my iPod touch preposterous. It’s free for the iPhone but I don’t understand why users of the iPod touch is treated differently. Furthermore not all features in the firmware are usable on the iPod touch because of the lack of the phone functions. But still the firmware update is quite a big leap from the previous iterations.

Improved apps use, bluetooth capabilities, cut-&-paste features are all pretty neat. Horizontal typing makes it easier to type stuff on the iPod touch.

You know I love electronic gadgets that have the ability to evolve through software updates. It really shows developers dedication in improving their products constantly and also shows that they value customer feedback above all else.

Although I kinda regret no being able to get the iPhone at the moment, I’m thoroughly satisfied in what my iPod touch can do for me. The ability to download apps are what, in my opinion makes the device fresh and interesting to use.

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