Third Anniversary Soon

This blog will be approaching its third anniversary soon. Its the only blog that has survived this long. Dont see myself abandoning it anytime soon. is still dominantly hosted by WordPress. I just acquired a different domain name for a small fee in which i pay WordPress every year. The cost is about 15 bucks a year and it would soon expire coming this July. I have yet to renew it. I’m thinking of going one step further by hosting this blog to a proper host server. But i just dunno which one is the best one out there for the best price to suit the best of my needs. I also know nuts about exporting my stuff, adding content to my blog once its hosted somewhere else.  I also dont want it to be too much of a hassle maintaining it, since i forsee myself to be extremely busy in the near future to be meddling with all the tiny details in getting the blog up and running all the time. I want to be able to update quickly and effortlessly like what im doing right now.

If anyone out there would be wiling to give handy advice, tips or step by step guide on how to make the transition smooth, im all ears. I want to break away from wordpress soon. I guess its about time to reach another new milestone for this blog. I still want to keep domain. I really like it. I’m just begining to get bored of all the cookie-cutter theme and templates that wordpress offers for free. I want to choose one out there that would really reflect the purpose of this blog.

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