I dont usually rant. I have a very high level of patience. But sometimes, while you are out, they are just some things that you  just cannot stand it right from the start. Ive mentioned about the MRT scenario, where a person would lean his or her back on the handle bars. That is just down right dumb, and something i dont tolerate especially when the train is full and you are just dying to grab onto anything to keep yourself standing upright.

This time there is something else that i truly cannot, to the bottom of my heart tolerate seeing. 

You know, in this globalised era, and with Singapore being in the middle of it, its fairly common to see foreigners every where you go. Before i rant, i must make it clear to you that there is I have nothing against them. 

As a driver on the road, you see very often cyclist cycling on the side of the road. These foreigners mostly from china and india sometimes treat those roads as if their ancestors lay claim to it before they are built. The way they cycle is downright dangerous and inconsiderate. As a driver i feel very scared for them. Here they are, having travelled thousands of miles from home in search of a job to support god knows who back home and yet they are not giving a damn about their lives. They cycle down the road as if its perfectly normal for them. In their country maybe, but for the love of god, this is Singapore, and all singaporeans should know that singaporean drivers arent exactly the forgiving type. I really would like to make an appeal to make them realise this fact and that they should value his or her life above anything else and use the farking footpaths!! What is sooo difficult about that?!

Yesterday i saw the ultimate of reckless cycling on the road and this aint the first time. Cycling on the road with heavy traffic, left hand gripping the handle bar while the right holding a cellphone to his ears chatting happily to whoever it is on the line. OMG OMG!! PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU LAR CONCENTRATE ON THE ROAD AND CYCLE PROPERLY! BETTER STILL USE THE FARKING FOOTPATHS! I dont care if are laujiau cyclist, but if somebody hits you, i dunno who to sympathise more. The driver or the cyclist. Now it sounds that i might mind my own business, and not care a thing at all about them, but you think about it, these kinds of acts, is downright ignorant and stupid. Imagine, this simple act of not concentrating on the road can claim someone’s life.

Whenever i see this kind of acts being commited, it makes me feel like intercepting them at the right moment, kicking thier bicycle, losing his balance, grabbing his cellphone and throw it on the other side of the road. Seriously, nothing is more precious than your own lives.

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