Twilight movie: Aint half as bad as i expected.

So i had a week off. I did my room up and the TV is up for my enjoyment. I had lots of shows and movies to catch up and what better way for me to finally sit down and sit through a session of watching Twilight, the hit movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels about vampires. And you know what? Despite its love and romantic cheesyness about a human girl falling in love with a gorgeous male vampire, it aint half as bad as i expected it to be. 

All those cheesyness aside, i think what makes the series interesting would be the intricate relationship between humans and vampires and how it would all played out in the modern world, with modern challenges. Add a dash of great characterisation, interesting backstory and a rival or an antagonist, and you have a winning formula. What makes it interesting for me is the characters themselves. Im particularly interested in the Cullens family and their backstories, which they do have to a certain extent. From what i read in the later books, these stories are fleshed out even more  and it would be a great read to understand them a little better. 


I never expect myself to start liking Twilight, but after watching the movie, it might sway me into reading the novels. I might give this one a try and from my friends’ testimonials about the series, all point a thumbs up. Seriously, im not a romantic guy, nor do i like to read novels from a first person female perspective, and telling the reader how handsome the guy is, or how he looks at me this way or that way. But im prepared to forgo all those details and get straight down to the plot.

Im currently reading “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak and about 1/3 more to go. Its a great book with a great story on the events of World War II and Nazi Germany. Its a heartwarming story, the closest i felt since watching the blockbuster movie “The Pianist”. The Book Thief is a masterpiece in my list of book that i have read so far. Again this is the book that exceeded my expectations. A very well written novel and as you read each line, you can actually feel that the author has taken great care in crafting the story up with meticulous detail, line by line.

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