Give it up to Akon’s Latest Album, Freedom!

Previously, i never liked Akon. Hell i dont even support him at all in the begining. I never give much respect to song artists who use excessively foul language in their songs. I find it really uncreative and unnecessary, especially if it is used to sell a song.  I mean c’mon, youre a superstar and you have to resort to cheap avenues to earn your filthy dollars?

But Akon’s latest album, “Freedom” might be the first steps to embracing him as a great artist afterall. “Freedom” is his first album to NOT feature the “Parental Advisory” Sticker on the album. Meaning, the album’s clean (lyrically of course, there are still undesirable connotations found within the lyrics, but still i can tolerate that to a certain degree)


Well i bought it blindly, after listening to the wildly popular single that has been overplayed on radio, “Right Now (Na Na Na)” and the entire album is great! Upbeat and full of energy, representing Akon in every way imaginable. This is a hugely enjoyable album to listen to.

Fans of Akon, would no doubt love his latest album and newcomers like me, would most likely start to like Akon.


Click here to listen to “Right Now (Na Na Na)”


So after buying Keane’s, “Perfect Symmetry”, ACDC’s, “Black Ice” and Akon’s “Freedom”, whats my total damage so far today? Just SGD 49.90. Yeap you heard me. I got all of them, NEW AND LATEST for just SGD49.90. At a cool 16 bucks an album, its a major steal. Who could pass for such a great deal. I wanted to buy tons of other albums but i settled for just these 3.

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  1. i love akon….i am a singer in my state and i use to listend t akon song to get something….i wish i can be like him …..african became the best pop singer to me….i hop one day i have chance to get close to him…so he can make me a real singer too…

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