Call of Duty: World at War

So having completed the single player campaign, going through the campaign again in multiplayer co-op, and surviving endless rounds of Nazi Zombie invasion with 2 of my other friends online, i must say that the latest installment of Call of Duty has lived up to its expectations as its predecessor, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


I had my doubts when Treyarch decided to go back to World War II theme in thier latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, but when it was released, those doubts were completely swept away. I enjoyed it immensely and every level of the campaign was filled with sheer fun and excitement. Every level is different and there is always something different to do. Whether you have to drive a tank, or shoot japanese planes down or even assassinate someone in the sniper level, every level was filled with adrenaline, fast, chaotic and heart pumping action. 

So after completing the single player campaign a special level was unlocked and that is the Nazi Zombie Invasion. 

This Nazi Zombies Invasion is an interesting concept added in to the COD:WAW, where you are in a room of an abandoned building and you have to stave off incoming Nazi Zombie who is out there to climb over the windows of the building and maul at you. Its a very creepy setting because there are many windows to cover and you have the ability to patch the windows with planks of wood to slow thier advance. The zombies comes in waves and your objective is to survive for as long as possible. Throughout the duration of the survival you accumulate points from killing those zombies in which you can spend on better weapons. For each level of survive, it gets harder and harder. Zombies are harder to kill, faster, and come in greater numbers, till you are overwhelmed.

I played with 2 other friends the other night and we had hours of fun. Just coming up with strategies, buying weapons and covering each other’s ass was so darn fun. We communicated through our bluetooth headset and soon you can hear each of us screaming commands or shouting in fear as the zombies crept up from behind you and overwhelming one of our teammates in the game. 

Overall this is great game to own and fans of the previous Call of Duty game should be rest assured that you will enjoy every last bit of the game. Forget about the World War II settings. Treyarch did something right this time, thanks to Modern Warfare.

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