Chemistry is Back!

Chemistry, one of the most popular R&B/pop duo is back with a new album. With almost a 2 year absence since the release of the last album, how do they fare now?I have loved this band for quite some time now. They have really good voices and especially in the world of Jpop where much... Continue Reading →


"Departures" is an Academy Award winner in the Foreign Film category. A japanese production, it showcases Daigo, the main character, a cello player having lost his job in an orchestra in tokyo after being dissolved due to low popularity ratings. Wanting to return to his hometown, and start anew, he seeks out to find a... Continue Reading →

Call of Duty: World at War

So having completed the single player campaign, going through the campaign again in multiplayer co-op, and surviving endless rounds of Nazi Zombie invasion with 2 of my other friends online, i must say that the latest installment of Call of Duty has lived up to its expectations as its predecessor, Call of Duty 4: Modern... Continue Reading →

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