Martian Skies

You know, after having played through Mass Effect and with the recent image release of the new Mars Phoenix Lander and its quest to find ice and water, i came across this website.

It showcases some of the most beautiful and stunning images of Mars and its martian skies. After looking through it, i can stop but wonder. What if in 50 or 100 hundred years time, when man is able to colonize Mars and built a small space frontier, is this what its gonna look like when youre in Mars? The barren wasteland full of red sand and rocks and the orange sky fascinates me in a way that this is totally different from the Earth’s sky. Its so surreal that we are now able to look at skies totally different from Earth and gives me a very alien feeling to it.

Some of the images showcases the orange sky, while others have the sun in the sky as well as the night sky, with the earth and moon visible. The latter is very striking. Imagine you are on Mars as part of the group’s pioneer colonist, and you are looking right towards earth, rather than the other way around. Its such a different feeling.

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